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We focus on Executive Search, Expert Recruitment, International Recruitment and HR Consulting


Do you need reliable and responsible leaders for managerial positions? Are you looking for a key person who will bring a new direction, vision, and goals to your company? In that case, please contact us.

Edgar Baker has been providing professional headhunting and executive search services for several years. If you’re looking for the right people for managerial positions, you’re in the right place. Our goal is to provide your company with a proven and suitable candidate who will not only fit perfectly into the team, but will also take your business to a new level, set the right processes in terms of management and help your company prosper.

German concern producing thermal technology. Cooperation in the selection of specialists, foreign employees, expat agenda and temporary assignments.


Do you want to strengthen your company with clever talents in the field, but you do not know where and how to find them?

If you can’t give advice or don’t have the time or resources to choose the right expert for your industry, our Edgar Baker professionals are here to help! We offer you a thorough selection of suitable candidates, qualified behavioural interviews or searching through specialized business portals and databases, which will be taken care of by our expert consultants.


Do you need more manpower or are your staffing capacities fully utilized? Contact the experts at Edgar Baker and entrust the search for new reinforcements to our hands. We specialize in International Recruitment and Expatriate Services. As part of our services, we offer recruitment to solve the problem of acute labour shortages in the European market.

Through our local recruitment partners, we will find talented foreign employees from third countries, especially from the countries of the former Soviet Union. Thanks to legal specialists, foreign employees have all the necessary permits. We guarantee the safe and trouble-free recruitment of employees, the legal correctness of the process, and only verified candidates.

The Spanish-Austrian consortium involved in the construction of the D4/R7 motorway – the largest PPP project in the history of Slovakia. Cooperation in the selection of management and specialists within the construction industry.

Multinational manufacturer of assembly and installation materials. Cooperation in the selection of top-management positions in the field of logistics.

Global manufacturer of elevators and escalators. Cooperation in the selection of management, specialists and interim management.

A development company from Finland. Cooperation in the selection of managerial and specialized positions.


Are you looking for a reliable person to temporarily replace your employee, or do you need to temporarily increase your capacity due to a project?

As part of our activities, we offer you the services of a temporary employment agency. A temporary employment agency is an excellent way to use human resources efficiently without the need to increase your wage or staffing capacity. We will make sure that the temporary assignment of employees takes place quickly and according to your wishes.


Do you feel your business is stagnating and not achieving the results it should? Do you need an effective executive manager to get you out of the crisis? Edgar Baker is your partner even in this period. We offer you an exclusive service – Interim Management, which will take care of the prosperity of your business quickly and efficiently.

Interim Management is the latest trend in business and executive management. It offers a number of benefits to leading companies that will put your business back on its feet. Interim Management is a service that involves deploying an experienced expert to be the executive manager of your company or a specific department to ensure that you achieve your chosen goals over a predetermined period of time.

A leading automotive manufacturer. Cooperation in the selection of management and specialists in the field of production.

Leader among operating leasing providers. Managing financial, business and  interim accounting projects.


At the meeting, the CFO asks the CEO: „We’re going to invest in training, but what if our employees leave?“ The CEO replies: „All right, but what if we don’t train them and they stay with us?“

Education is an important and essential part of the advancement of any successful company. Quality development, adequate pay, and proper motivation are often key aspects for your employees to deliver great work performance. We offer professional benchmarking, career advice, labour market analysis, and professional mapping of competitors. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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