How to choose a photo for a resume?

This year we often saw CVs with bad photos. A good photo in your resume is very important. Remember that when it comes to your personal brand, the image you create is just as important as the skills and experience you have.

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Here are some tips on how to take a good photo:

Choose a professional-looking photo that shows how you look today, not how you looked 10 years ago. It’s important to present yourself as an adult, so don’t use photos from when you were younger.

Make sure it’s a high-quality photo so it looks sharp and clear on the screen. It seriously doesn’t look good if your photo is blurry. Use a professional-looking photo that clearly shows your face and shows no signs of being taken on a webcam, phone or tablet on the beach. That’s why it’s best to have your photo taken by a professional photographer.

Do not forget about the right choice of clothes. The best choice is a classic shirt or blouse.

Don’t send photos that are too casual or could be misinterpreted as inappropriate (like party photos).

Don’t send vacation photos. Photos from trips, in swimsuits do not belong in the CV.

Do not use photos where you consume alcohol or have a cigarette in your hand.

If you do not have a business photo, it is best to visit a photographer. We want to emphasize that the photo should be suitable for a formal document. The most important thing is that the photo looks professional and that you really look like yourself. You might think that all resume photos are the same and there’s no point in paying extra for professional photo. However, a photo is the first thing employers see and can make quick judgments based on it.

Mgr. Bianka Tóthová, Online Marketing Specialist

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