Edgar Baker offers professional human resource services. We provide everything in the areas of Executive Search, Expert Recruitment, International Recruitment, Interim Management and HR Consulting. We are a young and dynamic company from Slovakia, whose aim is to provide you with experienced and reliable candidates for managerial, middle-level, and low-level positions.

Our team consists of experienced experts who, for many years, have ensured a thorough selection of candidates, especially for production, logistics, construction, financial, retail, and technology companies.

In addition to professional services, Edgar Baker guarantees you 100% service quality, valuable feedback, and, above all, a human approach throughout the process, provided by professional consultants.

Thanks to many years of experience, databases, and job portals, we are able to select the most suitable candidates for the position you are occupying. The subsequent selection process, which includes specialized behavioural interviews and consultation of selected candidates with you, will select a candidate for you who  will meet all your expectations from a professional and personal point of view.

Edgar Baker is your reliable partner in the selection of permanent employees, but also offers you the opportunity to use the services of a temporary employment agency. Strengthen your team without unnecessary administrative or personnel burdens thanks to professionals from neighbouring countries.

Part of our customer service is also professional HR consulting, career consulting, mapping of company needs, and the development of action plans for leaders in your company.

We follow a simple motto:


Do not hesitate to become our partner today.


Managing Partner

„It is better to live one day in the skin of a lion than a thousand years in the body of a sheep.”


Lord Baker comes from an ancient Scottish family that has been dedicated to choosing the right people since time immemorial. The founder of the family, Philip Baker, recruited mercenaries and soldiers for the uprising of William Wallace as early as in the 12th century (in the film Brave Heart, a medieval interview can be seen in the background of one scene). Over the next hundreds of years, his descendants have been looking for port directors, overseas fleet managers, and financial experts for banking houses from Frankfurt to Florence, as well as many other positions. In order to help more candidates, Edgar decided to set up his own company in Slovakia.


Associate partner

„Life has and can be a constant joy.”

Martin Čep

Country Manager CZ

„In a year, you’ll wish you’d started today.”
– Karen Lamb

Peter Kovács

Delivery Team Lead

„There is nothing small for a great mind..”


Senior Consultant

„Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Mária Kubányiová

Senior Consultant

„Doing the thing we fear is the first step towards success.”

Bianka Tóthová

Marketing Manager

„Life begins where your comfort zone ends.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

Vierka Gajdoš Andrásy

Senior Consultant

„Joy in one’s job brings perfection to one’s work.”

Nadin Khashem

Expatriate Coordinator

„Stop looking forward to the outcome and start loving the path that leads to it.”

Mária klieštiková

Senior Consultant

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

Karin Moldová

Senior Consultant

Vyber si povolanie, ktoré budeš milovať, a nebude dňa, kedy budeš musieť pracovať. ” – Confucius


Office & HR Coordinator

“The fact that someone achieves something is just proof to everyone that others can achieve it too.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Sára Klíčová Leníčková

Senior Executive Search Consultant

With a smile, everything is easier.

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